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    Personal Loans in UAE — Everything You Need to Know


    Are you in desperate need of cash to meet one commitment or the other? Or looking to get the best education money can buy to secure the future of your children? Whichever the case may be, it’s in your best interest to take a personal loan or mortgage from one of the top financial institutions in Dubai.

    The good news is, it’s exceptionally easy to apply for a personal loan in the UAE, and it’s all thanks to today’s advancement in technology and availability of friendly institutions.

    In this post, we’re going to explore just about everything you need to know about personal loans in Dubai, and we hope you put the information to good use.

    Note: it’s also an excellent idea to make plans to invest your borrowed money so you can get an impressive return when the time is right.

    Let’s get started.


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    Common questions about Personal Loans In UAE

    • How to get personal loan in UAE / Dubai
    • Personal Loan Interest rates in UAE
    • Personal Loan In UAE for expats
    • Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
    • Personal Loan In UAE without a salary transfer
    • Personal Loan In UAE Without Company Listings
    • Best Bank To Get Personal Loan In UAE
    • Requirement to get Personal Loans in UAE

    First Things First — UAE Banks Interest Rates

    There are basically two types of interest rates to keep in mind when looking to get personal loans from banks in Dubai.

    • Flat Rate of Interest

    When you get a flat rate of interest on a loan, it only implies that the interest and sum payable is calculated at the start of the repayment and remains that way until the borrowed money has been paid off.

    • Reducing Rate of Interest

    On the flip side, reducing rates on loan works by reducing the principal amount after each installment. For the most part, the constant interest percentage is charged on the reduced amount every month, and this results in different installments each month.


    Personal Loans In UAEWhat Are the Types of Personal Loans in the UAE?





    • Personal Loan For UAE Nationals

    For starters, taking personal loans as a UAE national is a literally a walk in the park. The loans have favorable terms and conditions, and interest rates are also attractive. Moreover, the tenure is pretty convenient to customers, and the eligibility criteria are flexible. It’s also good to know that the documentation process is simple and straightforward.

    • Personal Loan for Self-Employed Professionals

    Self-employed individuals or those who run their own business may find it a bit difficult to get a personal loan. Why? Well, it’s only because their source of income is not fixed. It’s however good to know that a lot of banks and financial institutes such as Dunia Finance are embracing the idea of giving personal loans to self-employed people — so you can still apply if you’re one.

    • Personal Loan for Expatriates

    Expatriates who arrive the UAE can also request for personal loans to take care of their financial obligations. It’s important to note that the terms and conditions are different from the one offered to Dubai nationals. However, the deals are still attractive, and that’s what matters.

    • Personal Loan Without Salary Transfer

    It’s important to note that most banks in Dubai require that the customer do a salary transfer to their bank before proceeding. On the flip side, there are quite a few banks in the UAE that actually offer personal loans without demanding a salary transfer.

    Things to Know About Personal Loans in Dubai

    • Many banks in Dubai provide reducing interest rates which could start from 4.99% or 2.63% flat per annum. It’s Important to note that this depends on the customer’s income as well as the amount they’re looking to borrow.
    • Loan amounts are typically based on the applicant’s length of employment and monthly salary
    • Loan amount offered to UAE nationals ranges from AED200,000 to AED5 million
    • The minimum salary required to be eligible for a private loan in the UAE is AED3,000
    • Most banks in Dubai offers repayment period of up to 48 months
    • Many banks in the UAE provide personal loan up to 20 times the gross monthly salary of the customer.

    What Are the Benefits of Personal Loan in the UAE?

    • Applicants could receive optional insurance coverage
    • Customers can take advantage of the no payment option which applies to the first two months — this is offered by most banks in Dubai.
    • Banks in the UAE offers different packages for salaried individuals, non-salaried individuals, Emiratis, and expatriates.
    • Some banks in Dubai provide free lifetime credit cards to applicants.
    • Most money lenders in the UAE provide Islamic finance to their customers.
    • There are also banks in Dubai that offer other value-added banking service coupled with installment deferred option.
    • Expatriates are also likely to receive a free debit card from most banks in the UAE.
    • Customers can choose to return their loan by using the loan return option — this is offered by some banks in the UAE.

    The Best Banks To Get Personal Loans in the UAE

    1. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

    The first bank on the list provides made-to-measure personal loan packages for both UAE nationals and expatriates residing in Dubai. The personal loan offers at the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank come with reasonable interest rates, higher salary multiples, and flexible eligibility requirements.

    • Longest repayment period
    • Easy documentation
    • Free credit life insurance
    • Free ADCB credit card
    • UAE nationals receive up to 3 times salary overdraft while expatriates get up to 2 times

     More details about ADCB Personal Loan

    1. Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

    For starters, the Dubai Islamic Bank is one of the best banks in UAE right now — they offer a high finance amount as well as an impressive profit rate of 8.82%. It’s also good to know that the Dubai Islamic Bank pays the customer upfront without early settlement fees and its maximum loan repayment period is 48 months.

    • It offers a fixed arrangement fee which is typically between AED600 and AED800
    • UAE nationals are eligible to receive a maximum finance amount of 2 million Dirhams while expatriates can get up to 1 million Dirhams.
    1. Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

    This bank offers personal loans of up to one million Dirhams to customers and grants instant approval — its highly competitive rate is also a big plus. Customers can use the personal loans from the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank to settle both credit cards and conventional finance. Moreover, the bank’s repayment period is 48 months.

    • No installment for the first three months
    • 1 percent processing fees
    • Free ADIB VISA Cashback Card
    • Free postponement option


    1. Emirates Islamic Bank

    At Emirates Islamic Bank, customers can take personal loans based on a Murabaha arrangement via trading of Shari’a compliant instruments such as shares or Wakala certificates. It’s also good to point out that both salary earners and self-employed customers can avail their personal loans. Moreover, Emirates Islamic Bank’s personal loans come with highly competitive profit rates.

    • Fast approval — typically done in 24 hours
    • Maximum finance amount for UAE nationals is 3 million while expatriates can receive up to 1 million.
    • Nominal processing fees
    • Pre-approved credit card coupled with up to a 100% discount the first year’s annual fees
    • Insurance cover and certificate of Takaful
    1. National Bank of Abu Dhabi

    UAE nationals can get personal loans of up to 5 million Dirhams, and expatriates can receive up to 2 million Dirhams. The National Bank of Abu Dhabi also offers low-interest rates of just 4.49% per year as well as a 25% discount on processing fee for Elite Gold customers.

    • Customers can also switch to fixed rate at any time, and it’s free
    • Buyout loans require the first repayment after 90 days

    Other banks & financial institutions include Finance Bank UAE, RAKBANK, HSBCEmirates NBD, FGB , SCB , and Mashreq Bank.

    What Can Lead to Personal Loan Rejection?

    There are several different things that could cause the rejection of your personal loan application in Dubai. Here are some reasons to take note of:

    • Low credit score
    • High debt to burden ratio
    • You didn’t meet the monthly income requirement
    • The company you work for is not recognized by the bank
    • Incorrect personal details

    Note: It’s in your best interest to get a personal loan only when you’re sure you can repay it when the time comes.

    General Personal Loan Requirements for UAE Nationals and Expatriates

    These are the general eligibility criteria for most banks in Dubai:

    • It’s recommended for the applicant to be 21 years or older
    • The applicant must be earning a minimum of AED 3,000 to AED 5,000. It could even be as high as AED 15,000 in some cases.
    • The length of service can be anywhere from one to six months
    • Most banks require salary transfer
    • Maximum age for the borrower — 60 years for UAE nationals and 65 years for expats.

    What Documents Do You Need for a Successful Application?

    Although the required documents to get a personal loan in Dubai may vary from bank to bank, these are the general documentation you may want to have on you:

    • Fully completed loan application form
    • Correct means of identification including Passport copy, Emirates ID, and VISA copy
    • Copy of valid passport along with valid UAE residence visa for expats. Be sure to hold the original copy.
    • Bank statement (three to six months)
    • Salaried employees should have a salary transfer letter or salary certificate
    • Self-employed individuals must have a trade license

    Now you’re all set to get your personal loan in the UAE. We hope everything works out for you — Good luck!

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