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    UAE is country where million of expats came to visit and money get jobs and many gets partner Visa and after that every one Goal is to earn money and Send Back to their Home Country as Remittance and some time Expats looks for Instant Personal Loan Leopardmoney is Plat Form which help you to reach at Banks Door step by setting at home you just need to fill the Form Properly.

    Eligibility Criteria of every Bank is Different Depend on Salary and Company Profile you are Working For and there are Two type of Loan in Market one is PDC and Second one is STL

    What is PDC Instant personal Loan,

    Post Dated Cheaque (PDC) demand by financial institute basically PDC is Security Instrument you gave as a promise and you will get back that once you clear the loan and Get NOC well we get many Questions about amount of PDC that how much Amount we need to fill at the time of handover cheque. The Amount is Depend on loan value you are getting or credit card approved limit some time it is almost same amount which are approved sometime 5 multiples actually your lender decided it.


    What is STL Loan

    Salary Transfer Loan which you get from bank in which your salary is getting transfer every month and some bank open your account at the time of loan process STL is secured loan and bank feel comfortable at the time of lending money because all the end of benefits transfer to your that account in which you are getting Salary and banks clear their Due in case you fail to pay the Loan Amount and your Company prestige is also involved so you never think to run away .

    Instant Personal Loan Buyout:

    When you see there is comparatively low mark up offered by other bank then you always reach them but if you already availed STL loan then that bank will ask you buy the liability and for this person you need to ask for NOC from your company and that bank from where you already availed personal Loan and then bank acquire your liabilities and set new every month Installments.

    What is Listed Company?

    Every bank has different policy to list a company some bank need high turnover Some Needs proper Website some need high number of employees but once your company is get listed with any Bank you can avail all the product which offered by that bank company Listing is also Divide by Categories CAT-A CAT-B CAT-C depend on company Profile for example CAT-C is Company where you can avail only Credit Card from your Bank.


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