Mashreq Bank, one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions, has long stood at the forefront of banking innovation and customer satisfaction. With a comprehensive suite of products ranging from personal banking and SME solutions to corporate finance, Mashreq Bank has created an array of opportunities for its diverse customer base. Established in 1967, Mashreq Bank has marked its presence with over half a century of banking excellence in the UAE. Today, it is celebrated for its tech-forward approach to banking, making financial management more accessible and convenient for its customers worldwide.

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    Al Mashreq bank of UAE

    The oldest local bank in the United Arab Emirates, Mashreq Bank has provided banking and financial services to millions of customers and businesses since 1967. It was established in Dubai as the Bank of Oman, prior to the formation of the UAE, under a decree of the Ruler of Dubai Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.Mashreq has 12 overseas offices in nine countries, including Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa.

    Products and Service of Al Mashreq Bank of UAE

    The retail banking products offerings to the customer are under below.

    Current account Mashreq Bank

    Providing a combination of convenience, flexibility, financial and non-financial benefits, ensures that you always have access to an account that caters to your needs, making it the best current account in uae.

    • Initial balance of AED 3,000
    • Minimum balance requirements of AED 3,000
    • Up to 6 free manned transaction every month
    • Free cheque book (initial only)

    Saving account Mashreq Bank

    Gives you the ideal combination of flexibility and ease of operation. If you are already a Mashreq customer you can take advantage of our convenient online banking services to open your Easy saving account instantly.

    • Available in AED and USD.
    • Interest credited every month based on monthly average balance.
    • No minimum balance requirements or monthly fees.
    • With no debit card, there is less temptation to withdraw hard earned savings.

    Fixed deposits Mashreq Bank

    Fixed Deposit Account from Mashreq gives you the attractive rates of interest that you expect, with the added flexibility of being able to draw on your funds at any time through an overdraft facility or a secured credit card. You can choose from multiple currencies and durations to find a fixed deposit that is right for you.

    • A fixed deposit from Mashreq gives you the benefit of higher returns for savings as per your requirements
    • Make investments starting at AED 10,000 in all major currencies (AED, US$, GBP, Euro)
    • Invest as an individual or as a company, institution, club and government department

    Investment products Mashreq Bank

    The investment sectors are Gold, oil, emerging markets.

    Mashreq Millionaire deposits Mashreq Bank

    With each Mashreq Millionaire Certificate you buy on Mashreq Online, you directly qualify for all prizes including our famous AED 1,000,000 draw. This capital guaranteed savings scheme can be encashed at any time

    • Login to MashreqOnline
    • Select Accounts >Select Accounts >> MashreqMillionaire Certificate
    • Monitor Book or Encash your Certificates

    Personal loans Mashreq Bank

    Forget about getting a loan calculator, Mashreq offers the most convenient Personal Loan to meet both the planned and unexpected needs for cash that may arise.At Mashreq, we understand the criticality and the importance of the time factor in your life and hence we’ve improved our process to meet & exceed your expectations with approvals in only 24 hours. A Mashreq Personal Loan also comes bundled with benefits that suit your needs to give you added value. You can review the features and terms of the Personal Loan options that Mashreq has to offer and select the option that is right for you.

    Auto loans Mashreq Bank

    Take advantage of the UAE’s most rewarding Vehicle Refinancing offer with Mashreq’s incredible Cash Drive bundle:

    • Refinancing of up to 70% of Car Value
    • Approval in 24 hours
    • Free-for-first-year Platinum Elite Credit Card with saving worth over AED 20,000
    • Free-for-first-year Overdraft facility of up to AED 100,000
    • Free Current Account
    • 4500 Salaam Reward Points per AED 10,000 worth of loan
    • *Terms & Condition apply

    Mortgage loans Mashreq Bank

    Take advantage of Mashreq Gold’s innovative mortgage solutions which deliver purchase, leverage and buyout options for both residential and commercial opportunities.Mashreq Gold Premium mortgages come with a host of value added benefits and lifestyle privileges, such as discounted processing fees, preferential interest rates, solitaire /platinum elite credit card, dedicated Relationship Manager and many more.

    Business loans Mashreq Bank

    • High Loan amount of up to AED 500,000
    • No collateral required
    • Flexible repayment period of up to 24 months
    • Simple documentation and quick approval process
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Loan top-up facility
    • A dedicated Relationship Manager to service all your business needs
    • Access to wide range of financial solutions catering to business owners

    Credit card with unique loyalty programs

    With a Mashreq Credit Card, you can enjoy a range of benefits like cashback, points, rewards and much more.Through Mashreq Privileges, Mashreq Flavors and Mashreq Travel, our Credit Cards also provide you with the best credit card offers in the market.

    Bank assurance Mashreq Bank

    Term life insurance is a level term life insurance policy that can provide both financial protection and peace of mind; it is internationally portable so if you move to another country permanently, you keep your cover. Term life insurance runs for a fixed period of time. The policy will pay out a guaranteed cash sum, which is fixed for the term of the policy, if you die. If you survive to the end of the policy’s term, your premium and cover cease.

    Islamic banking Mashreq Bank

    Islamic banking products are offered to customers across the above-mentioned four lines of businesses. The products in question are

    • Ijara home finance
    • Mudarabah deposit
    • Mudarabah savings account
    • Musharaka finance
    • Murabaha commodity finance
    • Ijara underwriting
    • Musharaka LC
    • Murabaha LC
    • TR Murabaha, among others.

    Number of employees

    The number of employees that are working in Mashreq are 4,000 people.


    Mashreq Bank Five key areas: commercial and investment banking; retail banking; treasury and capital markets; international banking and Islamic banking.

    Mashreq Personal Banking

    For customers seeking tailored personal banking solutions, Mashreq Bank offers a broad spectrum of products, designed to cater to every financial need.

    Saving and Current Accounts: With Mashreq Bank, customers can choose from a range of savings and current accounts that provide easy access to funds, competitive interest rates, and a plethora of added benefits, including free international remittances and online banking services.

    Credit Cards: Whether for shopping, travel, or dining, Mashreq Bank has a credit card for every lifestyle. With rewarding loyalty programs, cashback, and travel rewards, their credit cards have been a game-changer in the market.

    Loans: With simple application processes and quick approvals, Mashreq’s personal and home loan services make life’s significant financial decisions a bit easier.

    Mashreq Bank Business Banking

    Mashreq Bank’s business banking solutions have been aiding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive and grow.

    Corporate Accounts: Mashreq offers various business banking accounts, providing flexibility, higher returns, and efficient cash management to help businesses thrive in a competitive environment.

    Business Loans and Credit: From working capital requirements to business expansion plans, Mashreq Bank has a range of lending solutions that can be customized according to individual business needs.

    Mashreq Neo – Digital Banking

    A pioneer in digital banking, Mashreq Neo is a testament to Mashreq Bank’s commitment to revolutionizing banking. This full-service digital bank allows customers to carry out all their banking activities right from their smartphones, from opening an account to making investments.


    Mashreq Cash Back Card

    Mashreq gives up to 5% Cash Back Reward you Will Receive 500 Dhrm if you are First User and 100 Dhrm if you already have Mashreq Card This Cards allow you 2% cash back on international Spending and 1% on Local Spending.