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    Finance House


    Islamic Finance House offering a loan facility to professional executives to meet their financial commitment and that’s the reason this loan is known as a executive can apply for the finance house loan facility by filling up the form above.


    Requirement for Finance House Executive Loan


    • Minimum salary should be 15000 AED
    • Salary transfer is not required
    • Arrange Fee is 1%
    • Early settlement fee is 2% and 5 % from another bank outstanding loan amount



    • How To Elegible To Get The Loan From Finance House

      Loan interest rate is12.99% reducingStarting from as low as 9.99% to 39% at reducing basis

    • Following is the eligibility criteria Finance House Personal Loan
      1. The application should be a salaried individual, employed in government/ public sector or with reputed establishments in the private sector.
      2. UAE nationals or expatriate resident of the UAE.
      3. Minimum age: 21 year and maximum age at loan maturity: 60 years.
      4. Minimum salary AED 5000
      5. Length of service: six month with current employer or job confirmation whichever is earlier.
      6. Yaseer finance can be obtained for a maximum 36 month or linked to purpose.
      7. Minimum finance amount AED 10000 to Maximum finance amount AED 250000
      8. Early settlement fee 1%
    • Processing fee 1% of finance amount( AED 500 to AED 2500)
    • Required 24 hours for approval
    1. Starting as low as 12.99%