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    Visa Infinite Credit Card

    Visa Infinite Credit Card in UAE

    Credit Card is plastic Money People use in case of Emergency Visa Infinite is one of most esteem product in UAE market but in this article you will come to know the benefits of visa infinite credit card and where to find it. Many banks in UAE offering Infinite card.

    Benefits of Infinite Credit Card we will try to discuses all the bank one by one who are offering infinite credit card so a persona who want to compare visa infinite credit card can make an idea before buy a credit card.


    Standard Chartered Bank Visa Infinite Credit Card

    Standard Chartered is one of best visa infinite credit Card offering bank.

    Salary and Documents Requirement.:

    Salary must be 30000 Dhrm or above required and 25000 Dhrm or above Required for Shukran World infinite credit Card.

    Documents Requirement:

    3-6 Month Bank Statement but no statement Required if salary coming to Standard Chartered bank.

    3 Month Payslip Required or Salary Certificate not more than one month old.

    Emirates ID Visa passport Copy Required.

    DBR must be less than 50 % of your salary.

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