Credit Card:
A Plastic Money enable, you to borrow cash from your bank to create your purchase with rewards. Most on-line purchases and payment are often created by credit cards.

Payment Cycle:

Bank assign a limit to your approved card and generate a monthly bill approximately you have 45 days time to make any payment like if  your last purchase date is 5th June then you have to pay the due amount by 30th of June or  31st of June but if you purchase anything on 6th June then that payment generate on next month 5th July and last payment date is 30th of July so by this calculation you have 45 days to pay the amount

How to Select Best Credit Card In UAE

There are many types of credit card available in UAE and offered by different Banks and interest Rate charges and promotions are totally different on each credit card a customer is always conscious about all this so Leopardmoney helps you to find out best product in market according to your salary Range.

Eligibility and Documentations:

Eligibility is vary Bank to Bank Policy any Costumer having 5000 plus salary is eligible in most banks in UAE but some banks requires company should be listed with them some required salary transfer letter some required vintage more than 6 months some required salary must be more than 15000 Dirham so if we sum up all the matter it is not easy to check at once which bank policy is according to profile and for which card you are eligible. But we have solution Leopardmoney is a Bridge between Bankers and Customers just fill the form and let the process begun you will get result in 30 minutes.

Document Requirement.

Doc’s Requirement is also vary Bank to Bank but these are the basic doc’s a bank ask for:

Emirates Id

Visa Passport Copy

Last 3 or 6 Months Bank Statement

Last 3 month Payslips


Salary Certificate not old more than 1 Month

Benefits of Credit card and limitations

Credit Card helps you in case of emergence it allows you to keep buying if you run short of hard cash in UAE bank assign you one to five multiples of your salary card come along many benefit some credit card allows you access to lounges on airport you can buy any product on installment bases you can transfer cash to other credit card and some banks allow you to convert you credit card limit into loan charges and interest apply but a picture have two sides always if credit card comes along benefit it also comes with some restrictions if you breach that you can face high interest on outstanding amount and stuck in financial problem but if you use wisely a credit card is good partner in bad times.


In UAE when you avail the facility of credit card or apply for personal loan you will sign blank cheque towards security deposit with concerned bank. Under civil and commercial offences in many countries around the world issuance of blank cheques as well as defaulting on a bank loan 0r credit card dues are, criminal court will not involve in the matter.

However in UAE the legislative approach to the issue of bounced cheques is very different from other advanced countries. In article 401 of UAE penal code tells the person who will issue the cheque with insufficient balance can face imprisonment of one month to three months or a fine of minimum amount 1000 AED.

As such, in UAE panel code, issuance of bounced cheque is near a punishable criminal act. If someone is issuing signed cheque knowingly or unknowingly so he will signing his own prison sentence. If he think that he will dependent after punishment of this act so, his thinking is wrong because until his debt is not clear he will face punishment in jail continuously.

The punishment of bounced cheque according to UAE laws normally entails one month to a maximum time of three years on the other hand actual reality is far from it because the debtor would not be set free from his financial liabilities after period of his jail terms. In many cases expatriates who issues dud cheques are still thinking in local jails even after completing prescribed prison term, only because their debts have not been cleared yet.

At the time of issuing credit card or loan facility everyone should must remember that bank collect a signed cheque as security deposit .so if customer fails to repay his credit card or loan facility in UAE, entire process goes almost as given below.

Assume that if a borrower fails to pay loan facility or credit card payment then the bank recovery squad will start hounding him and following up with him insisting that he will repay the due amount as soon as possible. If the borrower will not show the positive response immediately then the bank recovery team will present the security deposit cheque in the bank for clearance.

The cheque will definitely bounce if there is in sufficient balance in borrowers account. In initial stage the bank will make a criminal case against the borrower based on bounced cheque. A person cannot leave country in UAE who have criminal case against him and he cannot cancel his visa and cannot transfer it .if the defaulter leave the country the immigration team will issue the notice to arrest him.

In this case the defaulter would not be able to leave the UAE or any other GCC country without getting arrested. And if the defaulter is arrested they will sent him to jail term, the defaulter would not be freed even after completing the jail term if he will not clear his debt

This happens due to the lack of functional insolvency law in UAE. It is learnt that a draft of much needed insolvency law is awaiting approval of the Ministry of Justice. Before it is enacted into law, the draft legislation will have to get necessary approvals from council of ministers, the federal national council and finally the President’s office once it is approved by the ministry.

Dubai Credit Cards
In Dubai the credit card are much looked for afterwards as the population is rapidly expand and an individual’s merit of living is boosting at a vast stride. In Dubai often blanks are come up with best credit card proposal which tow the General men and make them desirable to use the benefits (advantage )at the top dimension feasible/attainable so as to make better their way of living. In today’s world the credit card is one of the most favored banking products that is normally utilized by people associated to all caste/levels of civilization. In Dubai Credit Cards are beneficial in subsequent ways –
You not need to handle a huge amount of money around you at your buying journey. You can buy anything of your option without having anxiety about retaining pathway of large quantity of money with you which implies jeopardize. In utilizing your credit card the only hardle would be to remain/retained your purchase with the required credit extent /restrict. The time interval you get to pay your credit bill is favorable and provide you some inhaling time. With the help of credit card you can make any transaction in the absence of single cent in your invoices/A/C. You need to transfer funds in your invoices at the time of giving your bill. The transaction that you make by utilizing your credit card are repaid by your bank that published the card which is same to obtain an interest free loan for a short period of time say 50 days. Different compensates and advantages are supmissioned by these cards. High the utility of card higher the awards You can take home surprisingly if You don’t like to utilize the credit card convenience. You can not reject the reality that it is helpful in unexpected/urgent situation credit protection take care of your pending card payment and intimate payment to a specific limit in the time of unfavorable conditions. In Dubai Credit Card proposals are very draw full and entice many expected customers into joining up for cards. Most banks proposed specific settlement and reductions, cash back choices and obedience points.
The awarded and beneficial proposals involved having dinner, pleasure, relaxation and reduction In movie ticket and many others.
When you utilize your credit card at the supermarket or your preference garment shop online the bank that published your credit card noticed all your buying in every calendar month and ensure that all your buying are within your provided limits. The bank forward you a bill at the end of month and ordered you to pay your retaining payment during a specific period of time.

Platinum credit card is a beneficial proposal only given to elected few who take pleasure of in a wonderful way of living and who admires the subtlety in life. These people are associated to the high society and take burden of benefits and encouragement for being a member of this society. The specific proposals are included rebates at health council, enjoyment and having dinner deductions and parking service in Dubai and ABU DHABI.